Friday, November 27, 2009

Earn a FREE Stripper Pole Kit (by Fay)


Looking for a removable Strip Pole to Spice up your Bedroom decor?  Romantic Nights For Two has you covered! We offer 2 types of quality Strip Pole options on our website,, to get you on your way-- Offered in Pink or Silver, supporting up 7.5-9.2 Ft ceilings and 250-300lbs limit!  However, if you aren't quite ready to buy, and are just perusing, then let me ask you this...

...what's better than buying a Stripper Pole?  Getting one for free, of course!

Did you know you can earn a free Stripper Pole, just for hosting a Pleasure Party?  Whats even better is that you can have a Pleasure Party as part of you next celebration or event (birthday, bachelorette, bridal party, College Graduation, etc!).  Why do you ask?  Because, we offer Hostess Rewards of 10% in Free product credit when your party sales equal $500 (pretax) or more!  Since many parties make the Hostess Rewards marker, that's an easy $50 product or more that you earned just for hanging out with your best friends.

Now, the icing on the celebration cake is if the Pleasure Party happens to be for an event celebrating you, you could really get a lot!  To do this, we offer gift credits for various occasions... Birthday Bank, Bridal Bucks, Couples Cash, Mama Moula, etc.  So, having your friends buy you items from the party that you are hosting as their gift to you for your event you're celebrating, means you get even more free stuff that will help you get closer to your Hostess Rewards amount!!  Pretty sweet, yeah?

Ok, let's get back to the Stripper Poles.  So, just for hosting a party on your next big day, you can easily earn a Stripper Pole Kit with cute accessories, as well as the Erotic Dancing DVD, a few darling pieces of Lingerie from our Small - 4x collection of Lingerie and Club Wear clothing lines, and since we are about to revamp our awesome shoe collection, you can even get stripper shoes to totally complete the look.  You're lover is going to LOVE you when they walk in on the full on Private Dancer scenario that you created!!!  Haha!

Also, if you reaaaally want to impress your honey, all you need to do is take one of our Erotic Dancing Love Academy Classes, and we'll teach you the skill to make sure you blow their mind with your sexy dance! 

(click to enlarge)

Oh, and if you aren't ready to outright own a Stripper Pole, then try renting one for your event!  Give us a call to set things up!

Anyways, as illustrated, you can see it's really easy to make you special day even more special when you host a Passion/Pleasure Party with us!  So, check us out and give us a call to secure your date, today!

Until next time, Sex Kittens...

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