Monday, September 28, 2009

Romantic Nights For Two Pleasure Parties Are Good For the Soul! (by Fay)

My name is Fay, and I am from Romantic Nights For Two. Romantic Nights For Two is an Upscale Online & Mobile retailer of Fine Intimate Products & Lingerie. Aside from top notch quality alone, Romantic Nights For Two offers the hottest, most innovative Bedroom Toys and Edible Treats to enhance your Passion & Pleasure techniques. We also offer Classes on specific topics to help you refine your Bedroom Skills with your honey.

I've been with the company going on a year. Business is great and we are rapidly expanding. More recently, I have assumed the position of VP of Training for the Northern California area. During this time, I have had the pleasure of working with some of our elite customers or customers who have specific goals in regards to deepening the intimate connection they share with their loved one. But, no matter who it is we serve, one common theme amongst all Ladies/Couples is that having a strong sexual foundation in your relationship, along with good communication and open trust.

Now, of course you have heard this repeatedly in the media from relationship experts, but I just wanted to take the time to reiterate it because it's worth saying again. A few days ago, a customer of mine contacted me out of the blue to share with me an update on her relationship with her hubby, which she was previously concerned about. She randomly thanked me for doing her party over 5 months ago and opening her eyes to ways she can spice up her marriage's passion (which had plateaued). She confessed that the products she got for him really helped them become closer, physically but also mentally, because they were "reminded of why they loved each other when they were able to enjoy one another's company." She then went on to say that her "pleasure party was good for the soul!"

HAHA! I think that is absolutely fucking awesome, not just because it's the cutest thing I have heard in awhile, but because she really sounded excited when she was telling me all of this. But her example is just one of many. I have had women, and even a few men, thank me for putting on a really fun but also informative presentation for them because they really put what they learned into practice! Funny enough, the diva I spoke of earlier ended her call with an order of products for women's pleasure, as she was now able to express more freely the ways she wanted to be pleased!

To witness that kind of empowerment really makes this job worth wild. Because, at the end of the day, it's not JUST a sales job, but it's a job in which I get to help people expand their minds and open their bodies to new experiences. That is why I decided to work with Romantic Nights For Two. The ability to be able to have fun and socialize with people as I empower them in ways they never previously thought possible is so closely aligned with my own interests as a Dominant in BDSM and a soon to be Post Graduate Student studying Family, Marriage Counseling, with an Emphasis in Human Sexuality.

Needless to say, if you have been considering ways to liven up you bedroom which has gone a bit dull, I highly recommend hosting a pleasure party. Romantic Night's For Two offer's classy Pleasure Parties geared towards everyone... Bachelorette, Birthday, Bridal Couples Anniversary, Lingerie, Sorority, and Specialty events. As previously mentioned, we also offer "Love Academy" classes on Sensual Massage, Erotic Strip Tease, Blow Jobs, G-Spot Stimulation & Squirting, Fetish Fun, and Booty Play. All classes are taught by certified Romance Specialists with experience in BDSM, Kama Sutra, or Sexual Exploration... So, don't wait, Pleasure Parties by Romantic Nights For Two are good for the soul!

We have something for everyone! Perfect for Couples & Singles, Lesbian, Gay, & Straight Crowds. We also stock Petite through Plus Size Lingerie that we will bring to your party.

Until next time, Sex Kittens...
Whips & Kisses,

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