Saturday, September 27, 2008

Where's my Clitoris??

Many of you ask me how I got in the business, we'll here you go!!!! It all started 8 years ago when a 29 year old friend and business associate of mine informed me she had never had an orgasm! "That's normal," I told her and I began to go into detail about my experiences! A couple of hours and $50 bucks later, I arrived back to her office with a "brown" bag! I handed it to her and explained to her to take a lunch and call me when she got back! I will NEVER forget the way she looked at me with her Happy, Excited eyes, it was like she won the lotto!

An hour later and 4 phone calls from her asking lots of questions-- one being the title of this blog!, she arrived at the office with an even bigger smile!  She walked over to me and gave me the biggest hug and said "THANKS!"  We jokes and laughed because "friends don't let friends fake orgasms!"

Since then, RomanticNightsForTwo, has become reality for me! My goal is provide Women the knowledge, education and tools (Bedroom Toys & Treats) to enrich there relationships! You can purchase my products from my website, or through our Girls Only home PLEASURE PARTIES! You'll feel real comfortable and excited about all the great things you'll see and learn!! Schedule yours today.

All my products have been tested by me and my hubby! Therefore, I know you will like them, too!  I'm not a doctor or a therapist but a REAL woman who knows what I like and what works for me! The best part is, I'm not afraid to share it! Cheers....