Thursday, November 26, 2009

Romance 101: Love Academy! (by Fay)

Having been in the industry, in some capacity, for the better part of 3 years now... I've heard the saying, "Sex and Sexuality are Depression Proof Industries" a lot. And now, more than ever am I seeing the full extent of it's meaning.  So much so, that I fully believe it is one of the only things that can get you out of a funk, when done correctly, hahaha!

Anyways, as I was saying... with each passing day that I demo a Party for a group of friends, I usually have at least one girl asking so many questions on techniques, products, scenes, etc, you would have thought there would be a quiz at the end of My presentation! Of course, I don't mind anyone asking questions, but the fact that there is always that one girl wanting the education more than the entertainment says something. For every one person willing to ask, there are 5 others too embarrassed say something. And though, it's kinda unfortunate, it's the truth of the matter when it comes to taboo topics that our segments of our society would rather repress than explore.

So, knowing this, we, at Romantic Nights are committed to our professional and personal philosophies regarding open sexuality. We want to keep the conversations going, while providing you with quality and fun Sex Ed that you didn't learn back in High School (or maybe you did, you randy girl, you). Therefore, without further ado, coming to home near you, we present "Romance 101" and "Love Academy," our Passion filled Love Series and Pleasure Party Classes!

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Love Academy, as part of our Romance 101 Education Series, is designed to help you learn the technical application in a safe environment, amongst your friends.  Similar to a Pleasure Party, you would gather a group of your friends and Book a private class.  However, instead of a general presentation of all of our products, your Romance Specialists would only demo the toys and treats specifically related to the topic you chose when you booked your Class.

Apart from demonstrating specific products, your individual enrollment gets you a fun and educational instruction on how to perform topic specific activities in detail.  And once completed, you not only will walk away with confidence and a newly developed skillset, you will also take home with you a goodie bag of treats to help you with your "Homework!"  Woooo!  Ever thought class could be this fun?

Best of all, at the end of each class, you get a coupon towards your purchase recommended products!  If you book all of 7 of our courses, upon completion, we'll certify you as a Romantic Nights For Two Romance Goddess and reward you with Fabulous Savings and Exclusive Goodies towards to your Graduation Kit!!!  We also have an extensive Library of Sex Books and Movie Vault of How-To DVDs that are sure to take you to the Head-Of-The-Class!

All Love Academy Instruction is provided by experienced Romance Specialists in the field of BDSM/Kink, Kama Sutra, Massage Therapy, Erotic Dance, and more!  Unlike other companies, our diverse team of Romance Specialists actually know what they are doing.  We don't just buy our kits and sell you things you don't need.  We actually bring skill and experience to the table.  Then we take the time to learn about our products 1st hand through team trainings and private exploration.  We are also tested before we're trusted to represent the company on our own.

I mean, really... Need I even say more?  Check out our website for information on products and services.

Until next time, Sex Kittens...

Whips & Kisses,

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