Friday, November 27, 2009

Earn a FREE Stripper Pole Kit (by Fay)


Looking for a removable Strip Pole to Spice up your Bedroom decor?  Romantic Nights For Two has you covered! We offer 2 types of quality Strip Pole options on our website,, to get you on your way-- Offered in Pink or Silver, supporting up 7.5-9.2 Ft ceilings and 250-300lbs limit!  However, if you aren't quite ready to buy, and are just perusing, then let me ask you this...

...what's better than buying a Stripper Pole?  Getting one for free, of course!

Did you know you can earn a free Stripper Pole, just for hosting a Pleasure Party?  Whats even better is that you can have a Pleasure Party as part of you next celebration or event (birthday, bachelorette, bridal party, College Graduation, etc!).  Why do you ask?  Because, we offer Hostess Rewards of 10% in Free product credit when your party sales equal $500 (pretax) or more!  Since many parties make the Hostess Rewards marker, that's an easy $50 product or more that you earned just for hanging out with your best friends.

Now, the icing on the celebration cake is if the Pleasure Party happens to be for an event celebrating you, you could really get a lot!  To do this, we offer gift credits for various occasions... Birthday Bank, Bridal Bucks, Couples Cash, Mama Moula, etc.  So, having your friends buy you items from the party that you are hosting as their gift to you for your event you're celebrating, means you get even more free stuff that will help you get closer to your Hostess Rewards amount!!  Pretty sweet, yeah?

Ok, let's get back to the Stripper Poles.  So, just for hosting a party on your next big day, you can easily earn a Stripper Pole Kit with cute accessories, as well as the Erotic Dancing DVD, a few darling pieces of Lingerie from our Small - 4x collection of Lingerie and Club Wear clothing lines, and since we are about to revamp our awesome shoe collection, you can even get stripper shoes to totally complete the look.  You're lover is going to LOVE you when they walk in on the full on Private Dancer scenario that you created!!!  Haha!

Also, if you reaaaally want to impress your honey, all you need to do is take one of our Erotic Dancing Love Academy Classes, and we'll teach you the skill to make sure you blow their mind with your sexy dance! 

(click to enlarge)

Oh, and if you aren't ready to outright own a Stripper Pole, then try renting one for your event!  Give us a call to set things up!

Anyways, as illustrated, you can see it's really easy to make you special day even more special when you host a Passion/Pleasure Party with us!  So, check us out and give us a call to secure your date, today!

Until next time, Sex Kittens...

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Romance 101: Love Academy! (by Fay)

Having been in the industry, in some capacity, for the better part of 3 years now... I've heard the saying, "Sex and Sexuality are Depression Proof Industries" a lot. And now, more than ever am I seeing the full extent of it's meaning.  So much so, that I fully believe it is one of the only things that can get you out of a funk, when done correctly, hahaha!

Anyways, as I was saying... with each passing day that I demo a Party for a group of friends, I usually have at least one girl asking so many questions on techniques, products, scenes, etc, you would have thought there would be a quiz at the end of My presentation! Of course, I don't mind anyone asking questions, but the fact that there is always that one girl wanting the education more than the entertainment says something. For every one person willing to ask, there are 5 others too embarrassed say something. And though, it's kinda unfortunate, it's the truth of the matter when it comes to taboo topics that our segments of our society would rather repress than explore.

So, knowing this, we, at Romantic Nights are committed to our professional and personal philosophies regarding open sexuality. We want to keep the conversations going, while providing you with quality and fun Sex Ed that you didn't learn back in High School (or maybe you did, you randy girl, you). Therefore, without further ado, coming to home near you, we present "Romance 101" and "Love Academy," our Passion filled Love Series and Pleasure Party Classes!

(click to enlarge)

Love Academy, as part of our Romance 101 Education Series, is designed to help you learn the technical application in a safe environment, amongst your friends.  Similar to a Pleasure Party, you would gather a group of your friends and Book a private class.  However, instead of a general presentation of all of our products, your Romance Specialists would only demo the toys and treats specifically related to the topic you chose when you booked your Class.

Apart from demonstrating specific products, your individual enrollment gets you a fun and educational instruction on how to perform topic specific activities in detail.  And once completed, you not only will walk away with confidence and a newly developed skillset, you will also take home with you a goodie bag of treats to help you with your "Homework!"  Woooo!  Ever thought class could be this fun?

Best of all, at the end of each class, you get a coupon towards your purchase recommended products!  If you book all of 7 of our courses, upon completion, we'll certify you as a Romantic Nights For Two Romance Goddess and reward you with Fabulous Savings and Exclusive Goodies towards to your Graduation Kit!!!  We also have an extensive Library of Sex Books and Movie Vault of How-To DVDs that are sure to take you to the Head-Of-The-Class!

All Love Academy Instruction is provided by experienced Romance Specialists in the field of BDSM/Kink, Kama Sutra, Massage Therapy, Erotic Dance, and more!  Unlike other companies, our diverse team of Romance Specialists actually know what they are doing.  We don't just buy our kits and sell you things you don't need.  We actually bring skill and experience to the table.  Then we take the time to learn about our products 1st hand through team trainings and private exploration.  We are also tested before we're trusted to represent the company on our own.

I mean, really... Need I even say more?  Check out our website for information on products and services.

Until next time, Sex Kittens...

Whips & Kisses,

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Lingerie For The Real Woman (by Fay)

Since having been with Romantic Nights For Two for about a year, the one things that I really, really like about our approach to Romance Enhancement is that we take all women into consideration, especially when it comes to Lingerie!

Being a curvy girl, myself, I personally understand the frustration of finding quality lingerie in plus sizes.  Well, if you share my sentiments, then I can tell you from experience to look no further!  I have found piece after piece of fabulous and unique Lingerie that I have yet to see in the token department stores for girls my size.

I can also, proudly, say we carry things for girls of petite stature!  So, really, no one is left out when we say we carry sizes small - 4x!  I know my sex kittens feel the same way when I bring my Lingerie Chest to their Lingerie Parties.

Sometimes, just to prove that we have something for every girl, I will wear one of my favorite pieces to a Pleasure Party with a cute, tailored blazer and then take it off and shock the room.  For one, I they are so shocked that I could totally wear a piece of Lingerie outside with Class!!  Then, they are all amazed that someone curvy, just like them, could rock the hell out of something so sexy and sensual.  Of course, the key is to really own whatever you are wearing, which isn't hard when you have such a wide variety of options to choose from.  It's totally easy to find something that really speaks to the Sexy Goddess you are, but is still true to the essence of who you are outside of the bedroom.

From frilly to freaky, lacy to vinyl, and Honeymoon to Anniversary, and all the holidays in between, believe me when I say that Vickies & Fredericks have nothing on us! We cover the gamete of Bridal, Bachelorette, Anniversary, Halloween, and Holiday. Check out our wide selection and speak to a Romance Specialist near you about having a Lingerie Party!

Until next time, Sex Kittens...

Whips & Kisses,

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Finally, A Rabbit I can recommend by Adrienne Founder of

Ok so it's been awhile since I wrote my last blog. I have been REALLY busy trying out new products to share with you. Hee Hee. Everyone that knows me knows I think the Rabbit sucks, Right? Well guess what, I finally found one that I think every woman in the world should own. Rabbit for Romantic Nights For Two, Can I say WOW!! So let me tell ya about my experience.

After a long day of testing two other products, I didn't like, I got a knock on the door from UPS.  it was my delivery. Even though, I had spent the morning testing other products, I was ready to go and excited to see if  this rabbit would be different. I opened the box and put in the batteries in as quick as I could.  Let me tell you, I had the most amazing orgasm I have ever had. WOW WOW WOW... I felt like I was going to throw up. I know that doesn't sound appealing, so let me rephrase it. I was dizzy, light headed and shaking like crazy, actually I couldn't even stand up. I just kept saying Oh yeah, Fuck, why didn't I try this sooner.

Being Adrienne, I ran to the phone and called Tonja and told her I loved her for making me try this Rabbit. Then I sent an email out to all my friends & Romance Specialists (including Fay, Hi Fay!) to share with them what I had just experienced!

Wow, had I became a Trendy Rabbit seeker?  No, I actually finally found a Rabbit that I would endorse and would be proud to share with all women.  If you are like myself, and never liked the Rabbit, please do yourself a favor and try this one.  Rabbit for Romantic Nights For Two, you will finally be a part of the club.

Here Are some Facts about the Rabbit For Romantic Nights For Two 

*Has blue L.E.D. Lights (Loved this)
*over 600 combinationsof speed & function (i used only one, and look what happened. I can't imagine)
*5 speeds & 5 functions for Clitoral Rabbit
*my favorite, the shaft bends, yes, its flexible, so when inside you moves with you! woooooo
* 90 DAY Warranty, this is huge! If it breaks, you just send it back and get another one.
  WOW I'm a pro, so  I break my toys all the time! haha, I love this!
* Price $129.95 , I really love this! (You cannot put a price on my orgasm! haha)

If you are interested in purchasing this rabbit, here is the link: Rabbit for Romantic Nights For Two

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Romantic Nights For Two Pleasure Parties Are Good For the Soul! (by Fay)

My name is Fay, and I am from Romantic Nights For Two. Romantic Nights For Two is an Upscale Online & Mobile retailer of Fine Intimate Products & Lingerie. Aside from top notch quality alone, Romantic Nights For Two offers the hottest, most innovative Bedroom Toys and Edible Treats to enhance your Passion & Pleasure techniques. We also offer Classes on specific topics to help you refine your Bedroom Skills with your honey.

I've been with the company going on a year. Business is great and we are rapidly expanding. More recently, I have assumed the position of VP of Training for the Northern California area. During this time, I have had the pleasure of working with some of our elite customers or customers who have specific goals in regards to deepening the intimate connection they share with their loved one. But, no matter who it is we serve, one common theme amongst all Ladies/Couples is that having a strong sexual foundation in your relationship, along with good communication and open trust.

Now, of course you have heard this repeatedly in the media from relationship experts, but I just wanted to take the time to reiterate it because it's worth saying again. A few days ago, a customer of mine contacted me out of the blue to share with me an update on her relationship with her hubby, which she was previously concerned about. She randomly thanked me for doing her party over 5 months ago and opening her eyes to ways she can spice up her marriage's passion (which had plateaued). She confessed that the products she got for him really helped them become closer, physically but also mentally, because they were "reminded of why they loved each other when they were able to enjoy one another's company." She then went on to say that her "pleasure party was good for the soul!"

HAHA! I think that is absolutely fucking awesome, not just because it's the cutest thing I have heard in awhile, but because she really sounded excited when she was telling me all of this. But her example is just one of many. I have had women, and even a few men, thank me for putting on a really fun but also informative presentation for them because they really put what they learned into practice! Funny enough, the diva I spoke of earlier ended her call with an order of products for women's pleasure, as she was now able to express more freely the ways she wanted to be pleased!

To witness that kind of empowerment really makes this job worth wild. Because, at the end of the day, it's not JUST a sales job, but it's a job in which I get to help people expand their minds and open their bodies to new experiences. That is why I decided to work with Romantic Nights For Two. The ability to be able to have fun and socialize with people as I empower them in ways they never previously thought possible is so closely aligned with my own interests as a Dominant in BDSM and a soon to be Post Graduate Student studying Family, Marriage Counseling, with an Emphasis in Human Sexuality.

Needless to say, if you have been considering ways to liven up you bedroom which has gone a bit dull, I highly recommend hosting a pleasure party. Romantic Night's For Two offer's classy Pleasure Parties geared towards everyone... Bachelorette, Birthday, Bridal Couples Anniversary, Lingerie, Sorority, and Specialty events. As previously mentioned, we also offer "Love Academy" classes on Sensual Massage, Erotic Strip Tease, Blow Jobs, G-Spot Stimulation & Squirting, Fetish Fun, and Booty Play. All classes are taught by certified Romance Specialists with experience in BDSM, Kama Sutra, or Sexual Exploration... So, don't wait, Pleasure Parties by Romantic Nights For Two are good for the soul!

We have something for everyone! Perfect for Couples & Singles, Lesbian, Gay, & Straight Crowds. We also stock Petite through Plus Size Lingerie that we will bring to your party.

Until next time, Sex Kittens...
Whips & Kisses,

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