Saturday, September 27, 2008

Best Vibe..........Rabbit?????

Ok, ok, I get asked about what I think about the rabbit vibe at least once a day! Wonderful Television shows like "Sex & the City" have made the rabbit the most talked about sex toy. They made all of us laugh and feel comfortable and now the rabbit is a "water cooler conversation" everywhere. Hahaha!

So you want to know what I think? I think the Rabbit SUCKS, yep... sucks. Ok, now the rabbit clitoral stimulation is great, and since 90% of woman cannot reach orgasm without it, this is good ....but the shaft? Come on, seriously! I do sell the rabbit on my site, for all the "HYPE" and because there are those that want what they see on T.V. no matter what I suggest!

Now, on to one of my personal favorites… the one and only "MANLIKE" vibe I’ve ever felt is my TRUESKIN vibe! OH, I get so excited when I introduce it to my friends, I know they will thank me (Charlene thanks me daily, haha!  Love u Char!).  Ok, so, remember when you were young and bought those missile pops from the ice cream man? Recall how your mouth fit perfectly around it and with every suck you enjoyed all the flavor it had to offer …well, meet Mr. TRUESKIN Vibe.

The TRUESKIN feels just like your man, and your “desire” will love every moment of him!  Your body fits perfectly around your him and when used with a clitoral stimulating is the next best thing! I had one girl say it was just ok, and I found out she was not using a clitoral stimulator! Again 90% of women have to have clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. She called me later and now is in the "TRUESKIN" fan club....hahahahaha. Oh yeah, did I mention it glows in the dark? Make sure your blinds are closed so the neighbors don’t see, Hahahaha! …Actually, leave it open and make sure you refer my site!

Check out my site,, to order your Trueskin vibe and the clitoral stimulator, 4 ear rabbit! The four ear rabbit bullet on my website is the best clitoral stimulator and works like magic with any vibrator!!

Cheers to Romance!