Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh HONEY...Do I Love My Bunny!

Honey Bunny

Whats the difference between a bunny and a rabbit you ask! Well a bunny is cute, because its not as grown up as a rabbit. A rabbit is more experienced and has more knowledge then a bunny. 
Rabbit and 2 bunnies
But wait were talking About sex toys. Hee Hee When I say I love my Bunny, Im talking about our new .Honey Bunny Vibrator
Honey Bunny $89.95

Its a great high end vibrator at an affordable price. Its also perfect for someone thats new to toys and wants a simple basic rabbit vibrator. Its waterproof, and has a push button, to turn on/off and allows you to choose any of the 3 speeds. The clit stimulator and shaft vibration buzz at the same time. Its very simple and not at all complicated.

The reason I choose the honey bunny is simple,  I love LOVE the ball shaped tip (perfect for  g-spot) with the built in bunny clit stimulator. I love using it after I apply the G-gasm Arousal Gel to my g-spot..  Some days I just want to use a simple toy to hit it right, that has clit stimulation.

I tend to reach for my honey bunny so I can have penetration play and g-spot play with clit stimulation. Plus he loves this one also, because its simple and easy to use.  I love my Honey and my Bunny! ha ha ha

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