Monday, November 23, 2009

Lingerie For The Real Woman (by Fay)

Since having been with Romantic Nights For Two for about a year, the one things that I really, really like about our approach to Romance Enhancement is that we take all women into consideration, especially when it comes to Lingerie!

Being a curvy girl, myself, I personally understand the frustration of finding quality lingerie in plus sizes.  Well, if you share my sentiments, then I can tell you from experience to look no further!  I have found piece after piece of fabulous and unique Lingerie that I have yet to see in the token department stores for girls my size.

I can also, proudly, say we carry things for girls of petite stature!  So, really, no one is left out when we say we carry sizes small - 4x!  I know my sex kittens feel the same way when I bring my Lingerie Chest to their Lingerie Parties.

Sometimes, just to prove that we have something for every girl, I will wear one of my favorite pieces to a Pleasure Party with a cute, tailored blazer and then take it off and shock the room.  For one, I they are so shocked that I could totally wear a piece of Lingerie outside with Class!!  Then, they are all amazed that someone curvy, just like them, could rock the hell out of something so sexy and sensual.  Of course, the key is to really own whatever you are wearing, which isn't hard when you have such a wide variety of options to choose from.  It's totally easy to find something that really speaks to the Sexy Goddess you are, but is still true to the essence of who you are outside of the bedroom.

From frilly to freaky, lacy to vinyl, and Honeymoon to Anniversary, and all the holidays in between, believe me when I say that Vickies & Fredericks have nothing on us! We cover the gamete of Bridal, Bachelorette, Anniversary, Halloween, and Holiday. Check out our wide selection and speak to a Romance Specialist near you about having a Lingerie Party!

Until next time, Sex Kittens...

Whips & Kisses,

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